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Common questions and answers

What is Deck Maniacs?

Do you love gaming? Do you love spending your time honing your decks and finding great accessories to take to your gaming days? Well so do we and we’re passionate about giving more people the opportunity to play these wonderful games. Starting with our Magic The Gathering box, we’re planning to give you a little slice of a games shop through your door every month. We’re two guys from Derby who want to share our love of gaming. Welcome to Deck Maniacs.

How does it all work?

It's simple really. You pick the box you want, either Magic The Gathering or Pokemon, select whether you want to pay month by month, or pay for 3 or 6 months up front, and that's it. The subscriptions close on the 22nd of each month. Your first payment comes out immediately, and you are then re-billed on the 1st of every month. Then you sit back and wait for your box to arrive in the last week of the month, they will usually arrive through your door on around the 26th of each month.

What's in the BOOOOXXXXXX?!

That is a great question! Each month we’ll put in booster packs, accessories and various other Magic The Gathering items. Some of the items that you could expect are card sleeves, deck boxes, dice, counters, life pads, token pads, playmats and more items that will enhance your gaming experience. Hopefully you’ll see that we put a lot of thought and effort into our boxes each month.

Where do you post to?

We started off just posting to the UK, but we are trialing the box in Sweden and The Netherlands. Postage inside the UK is free, but to the other countries it will be £3.50.

My box hasn't turned up, or there are things missing or damaged?

If your box hasn't turned up by the beginning of the month then contact us either by email info@deckmaniacs.com , or direct message our Facebook page.

Again, if items are missing contact us by email info@deckmaniacs.com , or direct message or Facebook page. For damaged items please provide a photo along with your message.